Family Corner

Kinvolved is one of the systems in which the Bronx High School for Medical Science communicates with families. Kino sends text messages, emails, and robocalls to parents about attendance, homework, assignments, events and general announcements. The program also translates messages to and from parents in 55 languages. The goal of Kinvo is to improve parental involvement. Messages can also be sent back to the school if families have questions or concerns. Kinvolved uses the current phone number or email address on file with the New York City Department of Education. If you aren’t receiving messages from the school please contact the school and fill out a student update form in the main office.

Skedula/PupilPath is an online school management system to empower teachers and instantly provide snapshots of students’ academic and behavior progress, to parents and students for better drive instruction and learning. The goal of Skedula is to track students’ progress. Parents have access to Skedula through PupilPath. Log into Skedula for parent or student, or click the icon above.